Was Your HVAC System Overloaded Last Summer? Tips To Prevent Overloading

When the temperature is high outside, it is difficult to keep it cooler in the house. When the temperature doesn’t let up, the HVAC unit gets overworked. You know the impact that last summer’s heat waves had on HVAC systems. Even some of the most powerful commercial units got overcooked and needed furnace repair. So, it's better to prevent this from happening this summer. Here are some tips that you can follow to prevent HVAC overloading this summer.


You should schedule regular maintenance to prevent problems with your HVAC system. Many times, a serious problem can be avoided if it just gets noticed by a repairman. If you schedule a regular AC tune up, major repairs and replacement work can be avoided. You won't have to experience costly breakdowns because of an important functioning part of the system. It will also save you good money on costly repairs.

Filter Replacement

Experts suggest that filters cause major troubles in degrading the life of HVAC systems. Firstly, they get dirty and cloggy because of their work. Secondly, restrict airflow to the HVAC system. Therefore, it is advised that you regularly replace or clean your HVAC filters.

Checking the Air Vents

When troubleshooting the HVAC system, you cannot ignore checking up on the air vents. Air vents can create obstructions if not cleaned from time to time. These obstructions can be tree leaves, debris or other substances. You should clear the air vents if you want to prevent overheating.

Summer Frost

You might wonder how frost can occur in the summer. But it is true. Freezing can happen in the HVAC system if you are using it for a long time. It can be due to some technical problems in your system. If this happens when the HVAC system is running, you needn’t worry about it. Just let the system rest for a few hours and it will be up and running just like normal. Although if you see regular occurrences, you should contact your HVAC contractor.

Natural Wear and Tear

The performance of your HVAC system can get affected because of normal wear and tear as well. The best tip that you can follow to counter this problem is to keep your system tested from time to time. It is better to call in an expert if you do not have much knowledge of system parts.

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